Is Your Brand up for an Update?

April 8, 2024

The brand is one of the first things most founders develop when they start a business. It might not be developed to the Ts but there will be a business, a logo, or brand colors. For some, it is not an overthought process that just involves checking off boxes while others invest in their image and how their audience perceives them.  

Whichever route was taken when developing your brand, a refresh offers an opportunity to audit if the brand represented matches the identity you have created or are trying to create. We bring you two case studies of organizations that have gone through a brand refresh and how we executed it for them. 

LVN Water  

We embarked on an exciting journey to redesign the company’s logo, focusing on improving legibility, color scheme, font pairing, and social media presence.   

The goal was to create a visually compelling and cohesive brand identity that reflects their commitment to water purification, sustainability, and innovation. Through careful analysis and creative exploration, we aimed to elevate the brand’s presence and stand out in the market while maintaining scalability and effectiveness across various platforms.  

Our objective was to revamp and elevate the visual identity of the brand through a comprehensive logo design project. We aimed to enhance legibility, eliminate gradients in colors for a more professional look, refine font pairing for better brand consistency, and create visually compelling social media posters. The end goal was to convey our commitment to purity, innovation, and sustainability while maintaining a modern and engaging brand image across all platforms.  

We tackled the gradient problem head-on by opting for solid, harmonious colors in our logo. Not stopping there, we also matched fonts that perfectly complement each other. The result? A brand-new logo that not only looks stunning but also remains effortlessly readable no matter where it appears. 


The Muyi Group 

Muyi Consulting Group felt inauthentic to the brand personality.  The brand was too benchmarked to reflect a certain personality that did not match the growth and development that we had undergone in our three years of existence.  It was very difficult to connect with our audience because you could not tell the work that we did beyond our consulting services. 

We embarked on creating a premium, innovative, ambitious, bold brand that is nurturing a community of like-minded thinkers. We dropped the ‘Consulting’ to remove the limits to who the brand is and what it does. 

We also decided to look for a color palette that reflected the timeless and classic elements of our work and the industries within which we operate. 

Not a Re-brand 

It is important to note that a refresh is not a rebrand. A refresh looks at updating current elements of an existing Brand like the examples given above, a rebrand will overhaul the entire current brand which might include a change of name, colors, and logos for example when Barclays Bank Rebranded to Absa. 

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